Michael Jackson and the media

I am sitting here watching the Today Show and their lead was obviously Michael Jackson, As his memorial is today at the Staple Center. So I began to think to myself, is the media going too far? Or is this memorial this generations good bye to this generations Elvis Presley? My answer to both of those questions is yes. I admit, the media is harping on his issues in the early 1990’s; but the are trying to tell the whole story. The keyword in the last sentence is trying. One thing that I think people in the media need to remember is that people remember the bad and the ugly. So is it a shame on them…not exactly. We all have to remember, the blood, guts, and glory sell news well. I will be the first to say that’s meant for another blog entry. As a sit here and watch the early morning coverage and think, since it was just a little bit before my time; is this like the Elvis Presley memorial? I say yes, plain and simply because of his following.


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