Election of a new mayor in Albuquerque

Come one, come all to the not-so-greatest show on earth. Yes, that’s right folks, its Albuquerque’s race for mayor. First off, I’m so glad that its over. Here is my reasoning, for years I have liked politics on one level or another; but not this year. When I hear that Richard “R.J.” Berry was going to run for mayor, I began to ask myself, “where are the Mayor Berry jokes when you need them?” I will admit, I am nice guy; but I am going to be the first one to start to make Mayor Berry jokes of one nature or another when he “drops the ball”. I will admit however, I’ve never been a fan of Marty “this is the only job I could get in politics” Chavez. Did he do some good for the City of Albuquerque? My answer for that would be yes. He did help bring a baseball team to the Duke City. However, on the other side of the coin, he really didn’t know how to get things like an arena done for downtown. Well, here’s hoping that Berry is everything he says he is.


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