Kanye and Coach Locksley

I was thinking when these incidents happened, “Where is there PR person?”

First came Kanye West at that Music Awards show that I really dont care about so I don’t remember it’s name. However, I remember who Kanye committed the blunder on; that would be Taylor Swift. She was in the middle of accepting her award when Kanye decided to put his foot in his mouth and give a shout out to Beyonce. I have to say his Mayacopa that he did wasn’t exactly the best, until Jay Leno got a hold of him. Jay Leno said something to the extent that what would your mother think of this? This brought the studio to a dead silence. He couldn’t respond and Jay Leno hit a nerve with him. To Jay Leno, I say ATTA BOY!

Then comes UNM head football coach Mike Locksley. Allegedly, this gentlemen was suppose to save the football program at the University of New Mexico. Well, then came the fight; then the police report came out. UNM was trying to keep it silent, well as most of you know that didnt happen. Was this handled correctly, I say no. My reasoning for that is simple, UNM decided to basically hide under a rock and not answer questions for about 12-24 hours after the story broke.

Morals of the stories: 1. Wow, doesn’t Kanye have any class? 2. Learn how to come clean sooner

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