Jobs, the Economy and Business

I can say like most of you, you’ve seen a drop in your business to some extent. The purpose of me writing this particular post is that I’m looking for good economy stories, for a regular beat I do.
The politicians keep saying that we are in a form of the great depression. Sad thing, I agree. When you have college educated individuals, those who have been in there jobs for a good number of years and several other individuals, you know the economy is truly bad. You notice an uptick in public assistance requests.
If those same politicians would do something to help small business, by helping freeing up lines of credit, bring down inflation and help eliminate the national debt.

So this brings to wonder, with someone with my qualifications, why cant I find solid work? I have researched what I may or may not be doing wrong, but lets all hope that this economy turns around quick. Okay, I will now get off my soap box.


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