News Release from Schoder Creative Services, LLC

For Immediate Release

Contact: Marc Schoder (202) 222-5729

Albuquerque, NM, August 23, 2010:
The E-commerce division of Schoder Creative Services, LLC is going through significant growth thanks to the range of products it offers at

“We will have just about everything you could imagine on that site,” said Schoder.

He said the site carries sports memorabilia now, but will be carrying a wide range of products including knick-knacks and other items of that sort in the coming weeks.

The website will carry Marc’s new collectibles e-book scheduled for next spring as well a line of jewelry made by Schoder set for quarter two of next year.

Schoder will continue to offer Public Relations and Marketing services, copy writing and photography work as well.

For more information contact Marc Schoder at (505) 238 7718



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