New Mexico’s gubernatorial race 2010

After watching the last debate on KOB-TV for the next governor of New Mexico, I asked myself who is really qualified to run the state? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about a woman running for a high office; be it governor, senator, and president… you get the idea.

I am not one for endorsing either candidate as I attempt to remain objective and I believe that people need to make their own mind up, via an educated decision. However, all I kept thinking during the debate is “this is the battle of the estrogen race”. With Martinez being 51-years-old and Denish being 61-years-old, its just a thought that came into mind. I know that may come off as sexist; however, like I said this was the first thought that came into mind.

Each candidate has both their pros and cons; it’s just a matter of making the decision that you feel will make the state move forward. Susana Martinez and Diane Denish are both very qualified to do the job. Today, New Mexicans from all four corners of the state will make their ways to the polls and make their choice.

The best thing of all for all of us is that the political commercials will end on some level after today. I do have to give kudos to KOB-TV for adding in 15-second book ends or buffers to give the illusion to people, that we weren’t seeing ads 24/7 on their station.


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