Oh Susana! Wont you fix the state budget for me?

At the stroke of midnight on Dec 31st, Susana Martinez became the first woman governor of New Mexico as well as the first Hispanic governor.

This left now Former Governor Bill Richardson to ride off into the New Mexico sunset with now Gov. Martinez to get down to business.

As her first official act was to make state government more transparent.

With that out of the way, comes the next biggest question. How will our new Governor solve the state’s budget crisis. Since the legislative session is due to start later this month, Martinez; according to many published reports is looking to make that one of her top priorities.

State residents need to ask themselves, can she fix it or are taxes going to rise; so that she can fix it. Another question that needs to be raised, with unemployment in the state as of November standing at 8.4 percent; how will Martinez attract companies to New Mexico? Most companies look for a strong educated workforce, will she put more money into higher education, we will figure that out between now and when the legislative session starts.

One last thing that you have to take a look at is will Gov. Martinez continue the film industry tax credits for movies that are made here? Many sources do say, especially in the industry that it has been proven to create jobs.
Photo courtesy of Gov. Martinez state Website

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