Our tax dollars at work in Rio Rancho

My wife and I were standing in a parking lot at Southern and Unser today when we come back from running our errands, we find a City of Rio Rancho code enforcement truck parked so close to my wife’s 2005 Kia Spectra she couldn’t get in. My wife is six months pregnant.
I stood there and told my wife that we shouldn’t stand for this as this is a vehicle that is paid by tax payers. After six phone calls I got to the deputy chief of enforcement, who listened; but all he did was defend city employees. He said “Just because they park incorrectly, doesn’t mean they are a bad driver.”
I explained to him as a taxpayer, I had the right to know; why a city employee would park like that and does this go over to their driving. He told me that “just because someone parks bad doesn’t mean they drive bad.” I being thin enough to squeeze through was able to get in and drive the car.
He said will he look into it, but my question is since Southern and Unser has a red light camera at the intersection, how many city employees have gotten tickets because of that system. Is the city doing enough to do extensive background checks on those who drive city vehicles?
The question is will he actually look into it, or will this be pushed under the rug? I plan to follow up with the deputy chief and ask the City of Rio Rancho for access to those who drive city vehicles and how many citations they have received and what for?
We will also ask what the City’s policies on driving their vehicles are. 

The last question I would ask is what was the employee doing there at that particular time?

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  1. I didnt make her drive, she wanted to and my car was in the shop (I said I would drive, she said she was good). I never tell my wife anything, shes got a mind of her own.

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