Wow how a year flies

Sorry, I haven’t posted much as of late, I’ve been taking care of my wife who is at 35 weeks pregnant and ready to go at almost any time. I wanted to talk about Truly Nolen, a company of folks here with a branch in Albuquerque. I (as well as my wife, who wanted the experience of riding in a mouse limo) got to observe something that not many get to observe nowadays. What is that you might ask? The company taking their employees out on an outing. Even in a down economy, they took their employees to the AAA Championship Game back in September. They were giving prizes as a thank you for hard work, It amazed me that companies still do that. Which got me thinking, even if companies can afford to do things like Truly Nolen did; They can pat their employees on the back in other ways. Telling someone, “good job” is better than telling nothing.

Starting next Monday, I am happy to announce that we will be starting podcasting on If you would like to be a guest, email me or call me at 505-238-7718. I’d love to hear your ideas for show topics. Monday’s show will have topics ranging from Politics to jobs and anything else on your mind. Want to get a comment in email We look forward to hearing from you. I also want to pose a challenge to all of the Republicans who are running for President and President Obama himself, to come on the podcast and really sell yourselves to the American people. With the big question on their minds, why should we trust you to run the country past 2012 for four years?


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