What Christmas means to me

When 2011 started, I would have told you that you were crazy if you told me that it would end the way it’s going to.
I can say that Fatherhood is one heck of a ride. I’ve been told its only just the beginning.
Now that I have been married a year and to boot I have had a son. He is cool to hang around. My wife is an amazing woman who when she gave birth to my son, she just pushed and didn’t scream. For a guy being a first time father, it was a trip.
As I sit here in the rocking chair, next to my son who is fast asleep in his swing; I know I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have what every man wants; A thriving company, an amazing wife and a son who is another me in the making.
You may wonder why I’m sharing this, I wanted to say that I have my two Christmas blessings: My wife and son. That my friends is the true meaning of Christmas….being with family. My family and I wish you a happy holiday season. Back more fun and excitement tomorrow as we take on new topics leading in to the new year. We will start podcasting later this week. If your interested in advertising, drop me a line . Till later my friends, live long and prosper.


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