A look back at 2013 continued (part 2)

By Marc Schoder

Welcome back!

As continue to take a look back at 2013 and what potentially in store for 2014, can make for good dinner theater.

A 24-hour news cycle has showed us that things can happen around the clock that can be good or bad. One singing superstar proved that you don’t need to spend millions on dropping a new record to market. Beyonce put that concept to the test at the end of the year.

The 32-year old (Tells you how much I pay attention to music) utilized the power of social media and her legion of fans to her advantage. She used Facebook and Twitter to announce the drop of the new record. When asked by mainstream media about it, she said something to the extent of that a young and upcoming star needed the airtime slots more than her. When it happened, her fans took to it like a group of teenage girls taking to Justin Bieber.

As I heard about this happening, all I was thinking is, “wow, what’s next”.

I was floored at the mastery of how it well it was orchestrated with her cult-like following on social media, the star was able to pull it off with great success.

However, if she had been a start-up trying to break into the business; she might have had a 50/50 chance of pulling it off. You will find that unless the video went viral, her chances would dramatically decrease.

Ill be the first to admit, she got lucky this time around; since her name was top of mind. I do have to commend her for the efforts.


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