Things are changing

I know most of you haven’t heard from me in a while, so I thought it was high time I gave you a short update.

To start with, one of the first reasons I have been under the radar is I was trying to find my way with things after finishing my Master’s degree last December. I have been trying to focus my own health and well-being. I am still doing public relations and social media management very part time for a travel agency in the Albuquerque metro area.

I am still here, just very quiet focusing on other things. One of my main focuses in the last few months, thanks to doctor’s orders to take it easy is me focusing on my sports memorabilia again. I am going to develop this website,, to show my finds and maybe even sell or trade. I am slowly getting back into writing freelance as our current presidential administration is making me miss the fourth estate. I will not be doing beat news or sports for that matter. My plan is to focus on features and telling people’s stories. I’m also planning a lot of video work and audio podcasting, but that is down the road. All of that work will be featured on

The second reason you haven’t seen me around is with two young kids (Shaun-Thomas, 5 and Gabriel, 2) my hands are full with them alongside my wife. Also, because I have been sick, you don’t find me working as much anymore. I have been able to tolerate working 8 hours a week. Up and above that, I just can’t handle it. However, with many different doctors help, medication and other therapies, I am maintaining at least for the time being. I hope people realize that I’m not going to drop dead tomorrow. I also hope to reconnect with many of you as I value our friendship. This site is a work in progress and will be all about what I do. Please ask any questions, I hope this note finds you all well.