Portales Schools story 2005 (flashback)

Marc Schoder: PNT Staff Writer

Portales schools Superintendent Randy Fowler has set expectations for teachers in his district:

“I expect the teachers to be dedicated to the profession that they chose and be proud of it,” Fowler said.

Portales students return to school today.

Fowler, who said he’s had a chance to visit with most of the teachers, expects his first year to start off without a hitch.

Fowler said math and reading would be strongly focused on once again in the younger grade levels.

“I expect to see teachers focused on their content to help the student reach their potential,” he said.

Fowler said teachers and staff are attending to last-minute enrollment of students and minor maintenance issues.

“Our custodians are working hard to resolve them before the start of school,” Fowler said.

Portales Junior High School principal Steve Harris concurs with his boss’ thoughts.

“I expect no different from last year,” Harris said.

Portales Junior High as well as other Portales area schools had their open houses on Monday.

“The open house was very successful,” Harris said.

Harris also said the open house allowed students to walk through their schedules before the first day of classes.

“It will be pretty great to get the year started,” said Seth Deen, a seventh grader at PJHS.

Deen added that having a more open school and larger social environment was an added bonus to the upcoming school year.

PJHS is experiencing an increased enrollment for the 2005-06 school year.

“This year enrollment is at 450 kids, which is 55 more than we had last year,” Harris said.

Larger enrollment in classes at PJHS leads to larger class sizes for both students and teachers.


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