Who do I blame for all of this?

I had been going back and forth with myself over the last few months on whether or not I wanted to write about the Trump administration. Since we have a lot of political discord in this country, this was a hard decision for me. However, I believe that time has come to say how I feel because of the COVID-19 or what’s commonly known as Coronavirus.

I look at the news, and I observe people when I go out on my limited trips to such places as the doctor’s office, the grocery store or the post office in my case. It is my firm belief that some American’s aren’t taking this seriously. People have gross habits and people aren’t leading by example. The number one person I believe that needs to lead by example is our President. If you watch the daily briefings, (I just watch the highlights) He and his staff aren’t practicing social distancing or at least not giving the impressions of it. It’s all about the optics. 

Speaking of optics, when you see the press conferences from the current administrations. What concerns me is that the president should do what he is generally supposed to do in circumstances like this, be the “Comforter-in-Chief”. I know that I feel he hasn’t, but I will let you draw your own opinion.

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