After watching the news over the past couple of weeks, I begin to wonder; where has the world gone. The sad part of all of this, I am not surprised that it has come down to this. I do follow politics (as you may have guessed), and it’s getting hard for me to watch it. My best example is that instead of watching the news, I watched the movie Full Metal Jacket. Why did I watch it, I still don’t have the answer to that. If I had to guess it was the fact that even though it was a violent and graphic movie; I knew it was going to end.

The man I consider to be “No matter how round and Jolly” isn’t really jolly. This person basically ordered that what was shown to be peaceful protesters to be teargassed on H street in Washington D.C., it was on live television. I’ve been told that I should run for office, but more people say that I belong as a member of the fourth estate.

I’ve learned a few things in the last three years: 1. I really think civility has passed like bad gas, 2. People will use Facebook to argue with others instead of having constructive instead of destructive conversations., 3. Nobody really understands the idea of what life is really worth.
You as a person reading this can draw your own conclusions draw your own conclusions.


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