2020: What a year

The year started with a lot of hope and new directions. Come March 1, came a lot of soul searching and seeing the pandemic for myself. I was in Los Angeles, sitting in the Delta terminal. People around me would get up to go to their flights, and the custodial crew in that terminal at LAX would be cleaning those seats cleaned thoroughly. The cleaning happened over and over again. When I got up for my flight, I looked behind me, and they’re also was the crew cleaning those chairs. I knew in my heart of hearts that we were in for the long haul.
The soul searching I touched on earlier made me realize I’m not who I once was, and I knew I need to be in business again for myself. It is why Schoder Media was born out of the leftovers of Schoder Creative Services. My objective with the company is to provide public relations and e-commerce services for the masses (and other benefits). In other words, we teach people how to build commerce companies and have them run them independently, using the services Schoder Media provides. It was a far cry from where I was in 2017, that when my health took a weird turn in 2017, where I had to shelf the business at doctors’ orders to take care of myself.
In other news from the year, My family and I were hunkered down (since March) because of covid shutdowns, which in the early part of the pandemic didn’t help the new business, but has in recent months. We have a consignment deal going right now on a nice older set in at least a PSA 3 or so shape. If you want to learn more, ask me about it privately.
However, between March and December was a lot of rebuilding time and soul searching on what would happen next with family life and a new business. The most exciting part was November 6, my back surgery.
The cases were back on the rise, and the state announced in the media that hospitals were told to stop their elective surgeries the following Monday. My surgery, yet long, went well. I’ve got one more month of stiffer restrictions (the doc scolded me), and I’m still making progress. My next appointment at the end of the month should tell me I’m good to go.
I celebrated ten years of marriage to my wife Jessica (she hasn’t killed me yet). My kids and especially my in-laws (we have to give it to them) have been real troopers throughout this pandemic.
Now with that, all said, on to 2021! Here’s to hoping this one will be better than the last.


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