Reselling and the power of public relations

After all my years in school, I thought about what I could do with those degrees I have and make a healthy living. For many years, I found that using what I came to have it known as reselling has paid for many things in my life. The first significant thing that it helped me pay for was day-to-day expenses while getting my undergrad degree. I was happy that I could go back to school and figure out how to support myself while attending school. I had been doing on a part-time basis as I had other business ventures going until three and a half years ago; that is when the reselling bug bites me. It was also when I found that all that schooling I did would help me in this new venture. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to do what I went to school for, but I want to add this idea of reselling and use my talents in public relations to promote the concept of reselling. As with anyone, I ended up learning with trial by fire. Do I think I know everything about reselling? No, however, I can share my experiences for people to learn from what has worked and not worked for me.


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