When its time to build something for yourself

The best piece of advice that I probably ever received was that if you can’t find a job, build something for yourself. Over the years since getting this advice and taking it to heart, I have done nothing but that. This advice is more prevalent today with the current events going on in the world. One of the things you may be thinking is you need money to start something, that is not necessarily the case. For example, if you wanted to start as a reseller, you can sell things around your house either on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. It allows you to get the start-up money you need to buy items to “flip” to profit. You should be aware of, at first, buy stuff that you already know. You don’t want to buy stamps, and you don’t know anything about them except they are used to send snail mail letters. Start with hobbies you have; I started with baseball cards because I know inside and out. I was able to use that experience to build up what I have currently. If you want help building an E-commerce business, give us a call or drop me a line. We can help.


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A public relations and E-commerce consultant in New Mexico. I am also a longtime collector and online dealer of quality items. DM for all inquires. #thecollector #baseballcards #sports #antiques #collectibles #reseller