Want to start an Internet business, stop and think first.

When starting an Internet business today in age, everything you see online may not give you the ugly truth of downsides.

If you were to spin on YouTube, you would see many topics highlighted will only show the topic’s right side. Two examples of this would be #vanlife or #reselling.

When you look at #vanlife, you will see people with pictures waking up in their vans on a lovely beach somewhere; however, it’s not so pretty if you look at the flip. On the other hand, with #reselling, most of the pictures and videos you will run into show people making more money than they are. What you run into is people not showing the whole story.

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When you get into reselling, much like any other business, you can lose money if you don’t make the right decisions. You have to be proactive in how you make your decisions. Taking this into account, You want to start a business; do you know where to start?

Some of the questions that should come into your mind are 1. Does your concept need in the particular area; 2. If so, who would be your competitors, and can you do the job better. In other words, what value do you bring to the marketplace?

As you think about this, look at it from the perspective of reselling. What topics do you know that can you share your knowledge? Would it be baseball cards? Vintage clothing? Music? You get the idea. Once you have a focus to start with, this would be considered a good start. Keeping that in mind, the keyword there is a focus. Start small and grow, not spread yourself thin when you first start.

As I look at my start, there were a lot of ups and downs. When many say that you learn from your lessons, you have to learn from your mistakes. I will say I am not perfect, but I did eventually know. Let me teach you what I learned from my mistakes, so you don’t make those mistakes. Please connect with me to learn more.


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