How current events can help and hurt your business

When you take a step back and see our world, You see: Covid, political unrest, polarized country, and the rest well, you get the idea. No matter your political affiliation, what happens around you will affect your new business starting or your existing businesses.

For example, if you have a retail brick and mortar business, all states and local municipalities have some covid restrictions. (limiting building capacity, having to wear a mask to enter into companies, etc.). The pandemic idea, Which, as many businesses have found, can be one significant expense to take on.

On the flip side of this, how can world events benefit your business? If your a retailer in a brick-and-mortar, the first thought you should have had when Covid-19 was how you could use something like to internet to make their business survive? It depends on what type of brick and mortar a business may have. The best thing is that the internet can be used for anything related to most companies. You have to know what fits your business.

One thought would be, how can a restaurant use the internet? Examples of this could be online ordering for either curbside or a pickup counter with the proper Covid-19 precautions. Another avenue that people could entertain is hiring delivery drivers instead of servers.

For those who have physical products, the internet can help those folks too. There are incredible amounts of different e-commerce platforms that you could use to get your business online in a very quick hurry.

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