What should I specialize in selling when I start an online business

There are several ways you can answer this question. The most straightforward answer is to sell what you know. If you know baseball cards, comics, or even coins as an example, start by selling that. By doing so, you build your credibility as an online seller.
The second aspect that you need to consider is selling items that you are most passionate about. One reseller I ran into was a car salesman and mechanic before becoming a reseller. As a result of working in the automotive industry for as many years as he did, he could take the knowledge and something he liked doing and turning it into a business. This reseller now strictly auto parts that he goes and pulls from junkyards and other places like that and sells them on many different platforms, including eBay.
One of the last things you can consider is if you’re starting a business on a shoestring budget, for example, getting laid off or having to move out of your house because you can’t afford it anymore. Sell what you have around you; it may hurt, but you keep what you can fit in your car, and that will allow you to get cash to live and start a micro-operation. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much to sell online. It can be as simple as starting with twenty bucks in your pocket. Want to learn how to do it? Connect with me via message or on social media.


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