The importance of social media in business today.

Editors Note: This will be a multi-part series

In the amount of time I spend on the Internet (which is a lot), I come across some exciting topics. I found the ebook “142 Engaging Social Media Questions with Ideas with tips and examples.” I found it interesting enough that I wanted to share it with you, my audience. I plan to spend my time talking about my takes on the ones I find interesting that I want to highlight.

They start by asking the question, “What is your number one goal on Social Media?”
This question can be answered in many different ways. However, I will give you the most straightforward answer. You have to use the opportunity to increase engagement with your customer/client base. What this means, for you, the end-user is This means that the more you post, the more you engage your followers, the better likelihood of them becoming a customer. Who doesn’t want more customers?

By increasing your engagement, those conversions that we all covet so dearly will come with hard work and a lot of persistence. You may think that you can do this, but like most anything else in business, it comes down to a numbers game. Like in yesteryear, you could rely on the particular platform’s organic movements; however, that’s not always possible.

As a result of this, you need to make extra efforts to boost posts and get harder into your customer base’s demographics. Many business owners, who are apart of the baby boomer generation, generally don’t have the time to sit and learn the social media’s ins and outs.

Other topics they touch on include their top ten list to boost engagement and almost a how-to book on what to do for your social media. The problem that I find with it is that they are talking over the average person’s head. If you didn’t go to school for anything related to communications, you’re probably going to look at this ebook and think, “I’m not in school again; I run a business and don’t have time to read it.” This is where you hire a specialist to handle all of your public relations, E-commerce, and social media needs. That’s where we come in.

Our company, Schoder Media, can handle services like this for you; that way, you can do what you do best, run your business. With over 20 years of media experience, E-commerce has an additional five years running social media for several different sized businesses. For more information, check us out online at

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