10 tips to boost engagement on social media

Every so often, we need a reminder on how to do this every so often. I felt that if you can even start doing this, you will see an improvement of some sort in your daily social media activities. If you want a more in-depth analysis of your company’s external message, contact us at Schodermedia.com.

  1. When people comment on your posts, you should take the time to reply to all questions and comments with some well-thought-out responses. It will help you improve your engagement numbers. It helps in building the credibility of building your business. The more you show who you are as a person, the more “real” you will be to your audience. The concept of like you, trust you, do business with you will come into play. By responding and being “real” will build the credibility that you are looking for in your industry.
  2. You are sharing the answers you give to places like stories or pinned posts. It will be a huge timesaver. After gathering enough responses, you can build a better question and answer section for your website.
  3. Building Momentum: This can be a considerable help depending on what you’re trying to plug. Whether it be an event, like a book promotion (Get Marc’s new book here), or a new website launch, it would involve putting a schedule together to include promotional events for several months leading up to the event’s day.
  4. Giveaways to a social media following: This is something to consider when you have the money or wear with all to do it. Don’t just giveaway to do it.
  5. Google is your Friend: When asking questions, entering the correct search terms can help you know what to ask to create engagement with your followers.
  6. Schedule or do your posts when people are watching: The times you want to look at 6-10 am local time or eastern time (depending on your audience reach) or from 1-5 pm. Most people are checking their social media, much to their bosses’ dismay if they are on the job at those times.
  7. Visuals are key: This could be video, animated gif, photo, and so on. If you remember the old saying, “pictures are worth at least 1000 words,” This may allow you to keep your posts short and let the picture tell the story.
  8. Asking closed questions isn’t always a bad thing: You can use the method to gather data for things that you want to know.
  9. The questions you receive if general questions can be reposted in the comments. It will be able to be searched.
  10. Choose topics relevant to your business or interesting trending topics on your business that can according to studies increase engagement.

I hope you found this post interesting and informative. If there is a topic that you would like us to expand on, fill out the contact form on Schodermedia.com


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