Six reasons why marketing REALLY matters

When you have a business or work for a company, they always rely on revenue from many different channels. Knowing what your customers want is a sure-fire way that you can start to build a successful business and brand. It isn’t as easy as coming up with a great idea and business name; you need to get the company out there and let the consumers know what you have on offer. That is where your marketing comes in.

A marketing strategy can come in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t necessarily need to massive and over-planned, but the fact is, you need one. We can tell you all day that it is necessary but let us explain why marketing matters before you put one together.

You’re engaged!

A massive part of the business is engaging your customers, and marketing can help do just that. It is important to note that this doesn’t mean that you are constantly putting your products in a customer’s face; this involves giving your customers fresh, relevant content about the products and business. What do your customers not know about your product? Educate them on what your product does and how it can help make it worthwhile to interact with you.

 Social Media is one of the best ways to interact and engage with your customers regarding engagement. If you are an avid Facebook user, you will constantly see different brands use humor or videos to engage with potential users.

Keep me in the loop

We get it, you want to get more people to buy your product, and it will happen, but the key is to create a following. Through marketing, consumers can get to know the brand and the product itself and understand further how you can help with different issues. Most marketplaces are competitive, so you need to use what you can to help inform and convince customers to use you. Make the customers aware that you have some discounts going on or a new product is launching. What about any charitable work that you have been doing or new mandatory processes in the marketplace? There will always be something that you can inform those potential customers about.

Sell it to me

Having a solid marketing strategy means that you probably use a few different channels to generate sales or leads. A marketing strategy could include Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Print advertising, or even old-school door knocking. Once you advertise a product or service, you have put it on a consumer’s radar, which increases your chances of selling it. Some of them may then purchase and try out the product or service, and when they do, as long as the service they received was good, they can evolve into brand ambassadors without you even knowing. Word of mouth starts to take hold, and they tell others about your business and offerings. That is why you must offer high-quality products and services to work alongside any marketing that you do.

The start of something great

Reputation is key. No one chooses to use a company with a bad reputation. How you are perceived will make or break the lifespan of your business and how it operates. The beauty of it is that the more sales you generate, the more chances you will gain reviews. When those reviews start pumping through, weave that into your marketing strategy by creating posts highlighting the great things that other customers are saying about you to help nudge those that haven’t reasonably leaped yet. Once done effectively, you start to build a cycle of continuous custom while building a following of loyal, pleased customers.

Level the playing field

Competitors are everywhere, sometimes they are even in the same building as you, so it is crucial that you at least get a fair slice of the pie. If you think that your competition is sitting idly by letting potential customers go, you couldn’t be more wrong. If a customer isn’t buying the product from you, they buy it from someone else, so it is vital to have a marketing strategy to get your business’s attention!


Once your marketing starts bringing the customers in through the door and getting the numbers and revenue that you require, you can start looking at different avenues that you can grow into. Maybe you want to get another few members into the team so you can take more workload, push the marketing even more, look into venturing down other avenues. You can also offer even more services, or the business may get to the point you can leave it to be. Someone else will look after it allows you to explore different opportunities.   Without having the marketing strategy in place that pushes your business to the best place that it can be, you won’t be able to grow correctly at pace.


After reading through this, we hope that you now understand how important marketing is. It will be regardless of the size of your business or your budget. There are so many ways to market your business that it is easy to get lost. Be sure to cover as many different angles as possible. How do people currently look for companies? If something went wrong in my house, what is plan A? Plan some time to sit down and put together a marketing strategy to help your business succeed; it won’t be time wasted.


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