The Social Generation

Social Media has been put front and center and is here to stay. Different platforms for different methods such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more can sometimes feel hard to navigate and do it well. Is Social Media easier for the younger generation? We think it is easy for everyone, regardless of your age, but it is something that you need to learn and become comfortable with. We have put together some different aspects of Social Media that you should know about and master allowing you to take control of your social presence.

Content is king

Whether you run a bricks & mortar business or it is solely online, you have probably heard that content is king when it comes to your website. That doesn’t only apply to your website, but your Social Media as well. Think about the type of content that disrupts your normal scrolling when you are on Facebook or grab your attention on TikTok. It doesn’t only work for you. The businesses that do the best from their Social Media are the ones that have solid content designed to engage their audience and promote their business. Where do you start, though? You may be better off bringing in an expert such as Albuquerque Social Media, or you can ask some of your customers what they like to see from businesses.

Keep them coming

With everything moving online from training courses to retailers, more and more people are using Social Media every day, including your existing customers. The older generations have had to get used to using Social Media to call their family on video calls and take part in quizzes. This change brings about a new opportunity that businesses haven’t had before, use your Social Media to get existing customers to return time and time! Create content for returning and living customers to use a code or coupon that can be used on your website or in-store to drive the following and get more interaction with your customers. Not only do you start to build even more brand loyalty, but you start then evolving your customer base into ambassadors that will tell others about you!


Time is money when you run a business, so you want to make sure that everything you do is as efficient as possible. With Social Media, you can create content for the next month or longer, then schedule it to be released. This means that instead of having to log on every day and post while copying and pasting the hashtags, you can upload all of your posts in one go, and they will go live at a time of your choosing. Even if you have a creative moment one Sunday, you can create that content and add that in too. Social Media isn’t limiting to a specific time of the day; make it work for you and fit around your schedule.

Life is a competition

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it’s a competition. Using Social Media, you can drive more followers and generate customers by running contests. You may think that you will only get young people going on and competing. Still, the average age of Social Media competition participants is 30 years old, meaning that you will reach a broad audience and range of differing ages. With over 200 million active users over the age of 65 on Facebook alone, you can be sure that you can reach all age groups!

Word of mouth is changing

Everyone likes to talk about how great a particular business has been in dealing with their problem, and they love to talk about how poorly a different company didn’t help. How people talk about this has completely evolved. Long gone are the days when people would get together and talk about what they have been doing over the past week and tell all their friends about the plumber they had come in and do a job quickly without breaking the bank. Social Media has given new life to the word of mouth as consumers move more into a digital world. We constantly see when someone has passed their driving test with an instructor in the photo showing that they did a good job and helped them learn to drive through a post on Facebook. You will come across people posting about the new vehicle that they purchased from a dealership that they recommend. The upside to this is that the word of mouth you previously would have received may have reached 10-20 people, whereas now, it could reach 1k-2k+. People also can leave reviews on their Social Media pages which are more permanent than posts as posts can be drowned out by everyone else. Checks will remain on your page as long as your page remains live. Just be sure to use Social Media to your advantage when it comes to word of mouth.


We know that Social Media can be a scary concept if you have never used it before or have but just posted a picture of the food you had at the restaurant on Sunday. It is essential to understand that it is a skill and can be learned over time, but we know that not everyone has that time available to them while running a business on the side. It doesn’t matter what age you are; Social Media is something you can start tuning into and taking action on now. If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help. Everything mentioned in this article states what we can help you with for your Social Media presence. Go to for more information.


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