We get this question all the time

Since the pandemic started last year, as many of you are aware, people were losing jobs. As a result of this, auctions houses and businesses like mine got very busy with the million-dollar question, “What is this worth.”

For us as a company, We get that question asked all the time. However, people specifically come to us with baseball cards. During the pandemic, sports cards, in general, did see an off-the-chart demand as people were looking for something to do it. With all of that said, it created another wave of flippers in it to make a quick buck and get out. Once many of those people made their money. However, the cards they didn’t want or just the common cards were taken to local card shops or other places where you can sell stuff.

The problem is that most sports cards are extremely overproduced, which in turn drives down the value of the lot of cards that you are looking to sell as a whole. Most dealers, including myself, will not buy large lots like that unless it comes with a beautiful price tag.

As a result of the Pandemic, as of July 1, 2021, we made the executive decision to stop accepting consignment offerings.

Here is our reason why:

Market value is determined by demand and rarity as well as the economy. Also, a sentiment often affects the value potential a consignor attributes to their item. More than one person will have to want to buy your item to drive the price up. 

People seem to think that they can get what they paid for it or more and potentially profit. This isn’t always the case. This results in a lot of misunderstanding and having to educate on what an item and really gets. Not what they say it may be worth.

To keep in mind, you have to look at all of the available platforms out there to figure out where an item has the best chance of selling.


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