2015: The year in Review

When you look back at 2015, you think of three different situations that had effects on not just local issues but has national and international implications. 
2015 has been one heck of a year for presidential politics. One person that comes to mind when your thinking about the race for the White House is Billionaire, ego-driven, real estate mogul Donald Trump. 
Trump, who has been leading in the polls for most of the calendar year, has almost a cult-like following because of his TV celebrity status.
God help this country if Trump becomes El Presidente. 
Pizza-ah gate stuck the administration of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, during a staff holiday party at a local Santa Fe, New Mexico hotel. Her party got a tad much for other people staying at the hotel, which led to local police being called. 
The corker of the night was when the New Mexico governor grabbed the phone away from hotel staff and demanded that police not come to the noise disturbance. Even Martinez said after she admitted to having one and a half cocktails in a five hour period, that she was out of line. Prime example of a politician. 
On a more positive note, you have the Pope, who is treated like a rockstar, Pope Francis. His views are almost like night and day from the church. However, you will find that the Pope has the same end game as his predecessor.
The whole point here for PR practitioners is if we look at these three examples, we see how each of these situations are handled. We can learn and retain the memory of these and remember not to make those same mistakes.