The night at the ballpark

I was a lucky blogger that night; I got an invite to hang out with the folks of Truly Nolen’s Albuquerque Branch office led by Will Sisneros, its Branch Manager.
In this experience of going to the ballpark, I got the opportunity to see the AAA Championship Game at Isotopes Park in Albuquerque to see the Omaha Storm Chasers of the PCL lose to the Columbus Clippers of the International League 8-3.
However, we were able to get there in style. Riding in; you guessed it a mouse limousine.
I’ve had the opportunity to be in limos before in my life, but this one was a first. As I was able to learn more about the company from Sisneros, his Regional Manager Robert King, and our really cool driver Ron “Stretch Mouse” Pratt, the night became more interesting as it went.
I got talking with Will about the autograph sessions where Dodger greats Steve Garvey, Ron Cey and Bill Russell were in attendance.
Will told me that ironically, he had a ball signed by the trio in the late seventies. Then he told me what happened to the ball.
Will’s Brother Rob had gotten a hold of it and played with it and scuffed the ball up.
“It’s now in a low grave in at an apartment over on Montgomery Blvd in Albuquerque,” Said Sisneros.
Sisnero’s admitted that he was excited to go to the game, but that this company responsibilities come first.
“If I get them (the autographs), if I don’t; I’m a man now and I’ll get over it,” he said in the limo on the way to the park.
After a few turns, we finally arrive at the ballpark.
We got our tickets and we all went through the gates into Isotopes Park. Robert went off to assist the employees who were running the information booths out of the famed mouse cars.
A little known fact is the mouse car was created in Albuquerque according to the Regional Manager Robert King.
We got the chance to explore around for a bit. Then Will came to us with a PCL ball and said, “Want to get some autographs?,” he said.
We followed the Albuquerque branch manager, to the long line of Dodger fans awaiting the autographs of the greats.
All of the media was there to meet and interview the Dodgers greats.
As we stood in line we talked about the business and his love of the Dodgers and we tweeted and blogged while we were in line, awaiting his fate to see if he could replace the ball that he lost so many years ago.
The good news, I’m happy to report; Will got his autographs of the three dodger greats.
“I’m going to put the ball in a case.” He said.
Later, more video from Will getting his autographs with a slide show of the evening to come soon.
Then: A Video interview with Will Sisneros, telling more of the story about the Garvey ball from when he was young.