When is it time to say goodbye to working for the man/woman?

I know I have had to face this time and time again in my career. I have found with different drawbacks i have that like with drinking, you know when to say when. Or in other words acknowledge the fact that you have limits or boundaries. Are you a person that likes to tell everyone yes? I admit, I am one of those people. As many have told me, I have to look inward to what is going to make me happy. I had to remind myself that with my concerns, i need to be working for myself and clients. I know one thing, my clients, at least from a professional standpoint mean the world to me. (If your one of those individuals, thank you for your continued kindness and support.)

So, here are the coming plans. First, and foremost, Im going back to e-commerce and public relations work. Doing other jobs, have taught me alot. They have all shown me that I can provide better to my customers than when I work for others. I know in my next chapter, i will be able to do that and show that Schoder Media, LLC can set up a quality system for e-commerce for any company big or small. For more information about this or the other things we can do for your company. Please send us a line.